Linkorskimboards are built to the highest standards using the highest quality materials and construction techniques. Because these boards are subject to extreme conditions such as high impact maneuvers there is no warranty for normal wear and tear or abuse.

All boards are inspected rigorously before leaving the factory to insure we catch any possible defects in workmanship or materials. In the rare case we miss a problem; Linkorskimboards will replace any board which is defective due to materials or workmanship for a period of 45 days from purchase. No other warranty is expressed or implied. All claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase.

This Warranty Does Not Cover

  • Breakage, dings, cracks or edge chipping from normal wear and/or abuse.
  • Breakage from improper installation of accessories. 
  • Breakage from high impact maneuvers. 
  • Breakage from oversized rider.
  • Dents or dings from rocks, board racks, or other hard objects.
  • Bottom wear from normal sand & shell friction/wear.
  • Warpage from exposure to excessive heat like being left in the car trunk.

Linkorskimboards Repair Service

If you need repair to your board due to normal use and wear, we offer that service at a reasonable cost.  Note however, certain excessive damages are not repairable.  You may email a photo of the damage and we will do our best to determine your case, but photos don't always show the full extent of damage.  Please send a close up of the damaged area, and a full frame of the whole board.