Linkorskimboards: Ukrainian Wakesurfing.


Kiev Wakesurf Riding

Linkorskimboards: Nick Indy Rock'n'Roll.


Wakesurf Riding




E-GLASS – the most popular and proven reinforcement material used in the production of skimboards, skimsurfs and surfs. Several layers of composite e-glass that cover the core of the board make it stiff, durable and responsive.

PVC High Density – the foam with high density (H-80) with thickness of 19mm. This imported material is the recognized industry standard for production of top-tier/premium range of skimboards and wake-surfs. Its advantages are high floatage and durability. This material is used in production of all our boards.

Epoxy resin – the most strong and  flexible material used for gluing board core with the cover reinforcement materials and for finish cover. Western companies use this material primarily in top-tier range of boards due to its cost, complexity in work and undisputable quality characteristics. We use this resin for the production of all our boards.

Vacuum technology – allows to reach maximum strength and lightness of the board due to tighter gluing of board core with fiber-glassing materials, eliminating of air bubbles and excess of epoxy resin. 



В этом цеху мы работаем с PVC пеной (придаем декам нужную форму).