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About Us

Linkorskimboards is the Ukrainian company, which specializes in the production and distribution of wave skimboards, wakesurfs (skimsurfs) and accessories in Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Russia. Since 2011, the Company has been producing its products under the officially registered trademark “Linkorskimboards”.


Technologies and Materials

Our Company produces the range of top-tier wakesurfs (skimsurfs) and wave skimboards of various shapes and models suitable for both beginners and professional riders. In order to reduce waterflow resistance of our boards, we attracted engineers from the biggest Ukrainian aircraft company “Antonov” into the development of our boards. We use only high-density foam core (15-19mm) in our wakesurfs and skimboards that makes them strong and floating. During 2008-2011, we carefully studied experience of US and European producers and, as a result, introduced the latest production technologies in our workshop. In our production process, we use only the best European materials, such as extra-light high-density PVC foam for board core, E-fiberglass, Carbon fiber, epoxy resin, etc. We use Vacuum Bagging technology that makes our boards lighter and stronger than the boards produced with conventional lamination.


Goal, mission and development

The main goal of our Company is the development of wave skimboarding and wakesurfing (skimsurfing) in Ukraine and abroad including Europe, Russia and Middle East. That is why we make our best to produce the products with maximum quality and minimum cost, so that our boards are affordable to the wide range of youth. During the last 5 years, our boards received recognition of many riders from different countries, including Ukraine, UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi), Russia, France, Shri-Lanka, etc. Our products are used by local and international wakesurf clubs and are sold through chain of surf shops, board shops and e-retailers.


Future plans

In May 2017, we will open our biggest Test Center in Kyiv in partnership with the popular local wake-surf club X-Park . Break Water. Test Center will have full range of our boards available for tests. Our experts and riders will not just help you to catch your first wave, but also will assist you in choosing right wakesurf or skimboard appropriate for your weight, skill level and riding style. More information about our technologies, new products, riding videos, competitions and other important events you can find in the "News" tab on our site.